About us

About us

Hey HCR neighbors and friends. Well we are at the last quarter of the year and the social committee has been working hard behind the scenes for an amazing holiday event! At our last few meetings, we discussed that it would be beneficial to explain a bit about how our committee works.

We are currently a team of 12 volunteers, with five of us holding positions that require a bit more time and work. We have an Administrative Chair, a Treasury Chair, a Social Chair, a Vice Chair and a Chair of the Committee. The committee receives an annual budget that comes from our HOA monthly fees. The current budget equals approximately $27 per household ANNUALLY; not bad for the awesome events we have been able to accomplish!

At the beginning of each year, we meet to determine what our events will be and what the budget will be for each one. We determine what team of two will lead each event, and all the committee members participate equally in our Holiday event. We then meet monthly or bi-monthly depending on the level of planning, purchasing, and postings about our event, buying, decorating, setting up etc. All of the time, and efforts we give are volunteered of course, and as our community and events grow larger there have been (and still are) some challenges we have to navigate. We definitely thank you all for your patience, contributions and suggestions. We strive to improve on each event.

As our community and events grow, we have tried new ways of adjusting and meeting some of the challenges. We implemented an RSVP process, and charging a small fee for food. One of our biggest challenges is definitely buying the right amount of food, and of course, there are other things like what kind of contests (if any) are working well, what type of games and other things to offer. So please bear with us as things improve and understand this is something we are doing for our community in our free time. Please know that your committee has brainstormed endlessly to improve and your suggestions, ideas and help are always welcome - please keep them coming in a thoughtful and respectful manner. All we want to do is contribute to our community in the best way possible by adding a little fun, coming together and camaraderie. Cheers to you and our last event of the year!

We hope to see you at all of the future events!

Would you like to join or help us out? Reach out to us!