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Any Horse Creek Ridge resident who would like to advertise their business is invited to submit information to be included in the HCR Business Directory. 

The HCR Events Team does not specifically endorse or vouch for any of the business listed below, nor will the HCR Events Team take any responsibility for transactions between vendors and homeowners. Homeowners are encouraged to do their own vetting of businesses.


All About Plumbing

We do all service work involving plumbing. 

(760) 231-1333

Custom Organization

Custom organization services.

(760) 696-0382 


Horse Creek Delivery

College student in Westbury earning money for school doing food and grocery deliveries to your front porch.

(760) 207-8063

Royalty Balloons, LLC

Balloon bouquets, garland and any other balloon designs for any occasions.

(951) 719-6570


Solar Energy Partners

Solar sales

(518) 590-6736


Take Care

I offer services such as child care, grocery shopping, laundry, and so much more. You name it and I can help with it!

(760) 859-4461


Veterans Burial Program 

Advanced funeral pre-planning solutions

Cremation and burial pre-planning services. Veterans burial benefits specialist.

(949) 742-1729


Retail & Gifts

Crystals, Chakras and Charms by Khalisee

Healing stones, crystals and authentic jade bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings

(626) 658-5280


Food & Cuisine

Health & Beauty

Live Well Family Counseling Services

Mental Health Therapy/ Health and Wellness

(951) 595-7541 


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